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Modèle Artdeco statue Modele Artdeco statue

Artdeco statue

( ref : Singe Pluie )

This art deco statue in cast iron and placed on a marble base has been reissued from the model and the original mold of Max Le Verrier.It is in front of the cages of the "Garden of the Plants" that Max LE VERRIER realized his monkey with the umbrella, a chimpanzee of three years which answered the pretty name of "BOUBOU" A great friendship was born between the monkey and the artist.BOUBOU, held by the guard outside the cage, agreed to take the pose in exchange for bananas.In addition, every morning, he looked to the side of the entrance to wait for the one who would immortalize him in the bronze.This sculpture received a medal at the Salon des Humoristes in 1927.Weight 7,5KGwith certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions : Hauteur 45cm X L 32cm

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