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Hifigeny - Luxury Furniture Paris - Alain Mansuy

The Company

Michelle et Alain Mansuy - Hifigeny


Founded in October 1987, the vocation of Hifigeny was luxury furniture design intended primarily for television and hi-fi equipment, which inspired this commercial sign.

Customer conquered by the quality and originality of the products entrusted naturally then the realization of interior design projects in a contemporary style.

The creator, Alain Mansuy, is then attached to offer a range of furniture such as libraries, dining rooms, secretaries, coffee tables, cupboards, bedrooms, dining tables, chairs and especially a collection of sofas, all made customized with a wide selection of wood, leather and fabrics largest publishers.

Always in search of the highest quality, it is surrounded by loyal and reliable partners, all experts in their fields.

In recent years, his inspiration and his tastes led him to repeat the art deco furniture, revisited by creativity and always tailor.

In October 2016, Hifigeny decided to open a new space totally dedicated to luxury baroque furniture and decorated like a luxury apartment.

This baroque showroom is located in the extension of artdeco showroom.